The addition of a Hettiger 6 Axis Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) machine and a Tetlow furnace enables R.L. Hill Engineering to manufacture high temperature steam valve stems, seats and related products in-house, with complete control. PTA is superior to other processes because it creates a full metallurgical bond between the hard facing material and the parent material. Pre and post heats are accurately controlled with the Tetlow furnace.

*Stellite 6

Our PTA system specifically uses *Stellite 6 consumables, the material most frequently required for high temperature valve seats and valve stem wear areas. We also stock other grades of *Stellite powder as well as tungsten carbides.

Solid Stellite Bushes
In addition to the manufacture of high temperature steam valve spindles and seats we also supply fully machined solid Stellite bushes.

Our in-house PTA facilities and extensive stocks of parent materials mean we can manufacture new valve components in very short lead times. And that’s a huge advantage when the need to replace valve components only becomes apparent in the thick of a shutdown.

*Kennametal Stellite